Stir-fried Buttery Mushrooms

FYI I'm living in Malaysia (in an underdeveloped town) so some western / European ingredients are hard to come by or they are very very expensive so sometimes I use local material sourced from local store.
Portion for 4 people

1 box of mushroom preferably Portobello, Aeon will sell them (usually 1 box is around 10 pieces) slice thin.

3-4 tablespoon of premium butter (unsalted) depending on how much u like butter (Lurpak if u can afford, don't use butter that is too cheap, around RM9-14 range will be considered premium)

1 red onion and 1 yellow onion chopped fine

2-4 cloves garlic (depending on your taste) squashed and cut into small pieces

extra virgin olive oil, be generous

2-3 teaspoon salt (any salt, preferably organic if u can afford) depending on your taste buds

1-2 chilli, any chilli depending on how spicy you like it, chopped fine (optional)

black pepper (any kind, preferably fresh grounded but dried also ok)

parsley, any kind, preferably Italian (fresh as much as you like or dried 2 tablespoon , optional)

bacon cut into small chunks (streaky, optional) if you want to go full vegetarian, don't use it

cooking method:

1a) if have bacon, use any kind of pan or wok, heat it (high heat) then add the good olive oil, few drops enough, then make sure the oil is hot enough add the butter (1-2 tablespoon), fry the bacons until crispy with medium heat. take them out when they are done, make sure u keep the oil and continue to use it in (2)

1b) if don't have bacon, be generous with the good olive oil (2-3 swirls) and heat it up.

2) turn to low heat, add garlic and onions and cook them for 1-2 minute until almost brown, add a pinch of salt and just a bit of black pepper, then add all the mushrooms.

3) medium heat, stir until the mushrooms are covered in everything, add 2 swirls of good olive oil, add the chilli, 2 teaspoon salt, some black pepper and if you are using dried parsley this is the time to put it in. continue stirring until all the mushrooms are covered in oil and all the ingredients

4) low heat, cover a lid over the pan / wok until the mushrooms begins to soften, open lid

5) put the remaining (1-2 tablespoon) butter, fresh parsley and bacon (including all the oil that remained on the bacon) in then stir until everything is coated.  Serve.


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