Hunter's Pasta

FYI I'm living in Malaysia (in an underdeveloped town) so some western / European ingredients are hard to come by or they are very very expensive so sometimes I use local material sourced from local store.
Portion for 4 people

For the sauce (it's basically a tomato based sauce) refer to this: Sauce

Substitute the chicken in that sauce to minced meat (any meat you like, I prefer pork).

You have to prepare the minced meat first before browning it.

Meat preparation (marination):


minced meat for 4 people (basically around 150g per person = 600g)

2 tablespoon black pepper

a pinch of salt

4 tablespoon Italian balsamic vinegar

4 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil


Put the minced meat into a bowl or plastic container, put in all the ingredients above and start mixing them together using hand or a spoon.  Make sure it is well mixed. Cover / wrap the bowl / container and put it into the fridge (NOT freezer!) and store for at least 1 hour (max 2 hours).

cooking method:

1) After 1 hour, take the meat out and prepare for browning.  Browning of the meat is quite different from the chicken (and a lot easier).  Heat up the pot and add lots of extra virgin olive oil (3-4 swirls at least), when the oil is hot put in the meat and start stir frying with high heat until you see the meat begins to brown, usually takes 2-3 minutes, then you start from number 3 of the recipe above (start adding the veges etc but do NOT take the meat out).

2) When the sauce is thick and almost done, cook your pasta (can be any kind, I prefer either spaghetti or macaroni).  When pasta is cooked (and drained), you either pour the pasta into the sauce (if it's large enough to contain that much stuff) or you pour the sauce (some of it) into the pasta pot to mix it.

3) Add Parmesan cheese and fresh parsley if you like.


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