New Age Aglio e Olio Pasta

FYI I'm living in Malaysia (in an underdeveloped town) so some western / European ingredients are hard to come by or they are very very expensive so sometimes I use local material sourced from local store.
Portion for 4 people

cook the pasta (preferably angel hair) as instructed in the package (boil salted water etc), must do this first because water needs time to boil. put the pasta aside, don't be afraid it will be cold because u will have to reheat it with the mushroom recipe. for people with experience in cooking pasta, u can do it side by side with the mushrooms.

use the recipe here: Stir-fried Buttery Mushrooms
but add in more of these

half a garlic also squashed and finely chopped, add them at the beginning (same time in the recipe above)

more onions, can have 1 red and 1 yellow onion for different flavors finely chopped, add them at the beginning (same time in the recipe above)

more chilli (i prefer chilli padi aka bird's eye chilli, 1 chilli for each person) finely chopped (add these after u put the pasta into the mushroom for mixing).  can add more or less depending on how spicy you like it.

cheese (good Parmesan preferably, optional).  only buy in in brick form, do NOT buy those that were
already grated (in powder form).  quantity depend on your taste.

1/4 cup of pasta water (the water that you cooked the pasta)

after u have finished cooking the mushrooms as instructed above, don't switch off the heat, pour the pasta into the pan / wok or u can do the opposite (pour mushroom into the pot where u cook the pasta) if your pan / wok is too small to fit everything. keep the heat low and add more extra virgin olive oil (be generous, it won't kill u), add a bit (1/4 cup) of pasta water, add the chilli and start mixing everything together for 1-3 minutes depending on how hard it is to mix it all with your skills

now this is important, don't be lazy and just serve the entire pot of pasta, separate it into portions so all the ingredients in each dish are balanced. make sure u pour the ingredients ON the pasta and not leave them at the bottom. add the bacon (optional) and cheese (optional) last.

if you serve in one pot, most of the ingredients will be at the bottom and your pasta won't taste good.


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