Balsamic Vinegar Peperone

FYI I'm living in Malaysia (in an underdeveloped town) so some western / European ingredients are hard to come by or they are very very expensive so sometimes I use local material sourced from local store.

Portion for 4 people

3-4 red and yellow bell peppers (preferably big ones, if small ones need to be a bit more) thinly sliced (half an inch in width)

3/4 cup Italian balsamic vinegar

2 red onions cut into big pieces

extra virgin olive oil

1 teaspoon salt

2 teaspoon black pepper

cooking method:

1) Heat up a pan / wok (I prefer a Chinese wok) to very high heat

2) Add large amounts of olive oil (3-4 swirls) and heat it up

3) Put in bell peppers and onions and coat them in the oil, high heat

4) Put in the 3/4 cup of balsamic vinegar, high heat

5) Put in the salt and black pepper and coat the bell peppers with some intense stirring / flipping with high heat

6) Reduce the balsamic vinegar until it becomes thick like sauce with high heat and occasional stirring to swap bottom ingredients to the top and vice-verse.

7) When the vinegar becomes a sauce, serve.


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