Simple & Best Eggplant

This recipe is the simplest and most delicious recipe in the world, you have to try it to realize how good it is.  It's best served accompanied by rice or plain porridge (which I prefer).

Portion for 4 people

2 big eggplants / 4 small ones, you can use any kind but I prefer the long ones.  Do NOT do anything to them and just wash them

20 shallots, you can use more, it depends on how much you like them.  Sliced thinly

1-2 big red chili, sliced thinly

2 garlic cloves finely chopped

black pepper

Any kind of mild tasting oil, I prefer extra virgin olive oil just because I use it on everything

soy sauce

cooking method:

1) Prepare a large pot of slightly salted water that can fit all the eggplants in and start to boil it, or use a wok (easier).  Put all the eggplants in it (DO NOT CUT them, put them in whole including the stems).  Boil them until super soft.  What I mean by super soft is that usually when they are 'regularly' soft you will still feel some resistance when you poke them with a fork.  Super soft means NO RESISTANCE at all when you poke them and the fork goes straight in without any effort.

2) When you are boiling the eggplants you can prepare your shallots, chili and garlic.  After slicing and dicing, prepare a pan / wok, put a good amount of oil in (generally just enough to cover the pan) and make sure it's hot before putting in the garlic and shallots.  Use medium heat to fry them until brown.  If you see the oil is drying out, put in a bit more, we need the oil.

3) By the time you start frying the shallots, your eggplant should be cooked by now, take them out to cool.  Continue to stir your shallots and make sure they are frying on all sides.  It will take around 10 minutes (depending on the amount) to fry them until golden brown so your eggplants should be cool when your shallots is almost ready.  If it's not cool enough to handle, turn to low heat on your shallots and wait until the eggplants are cool.

4) When the eggplants are cool, slice them into long shapes, not too thin (looks like french fries).  Do NOT squeeze the water out of them, do your best to keep the water in the eggplants when you are slicing them up.

5) After slicing the eggplants, put the chili into the pan first (with the fried shallots), turn to medium high heat.  When you hear some sizzling you can put in the eggplants, then some soy sauce (to taste, usually 3-4 swirls around the pan / wok should suffice) and some black pepper.  Stir-fry a bit (no longer than 1 minute) until everything is coated in oil and soy sauce then you can plate it.

6) You can add more soy sauce if the taste is not up to par but be aware that the longer you wait, the more salty the eggplants will get because it will soak up the soy sauce.


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